Css text color

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css text color

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Fly In CSS3 Text Animation -- HTML, CSS, jQuery

We're going to look at the paragraph element, specifically. Color values can be expressed as color keywords, RGB color numbers, or hexadecimal color numbers.

css text color

In our example, the paragraph text is changed to the color black. However, if you want to change the text color to green, blue, red, etc. That's where hexadecimal values come in to play. This CSS style can be used to color your paragraphs black because the hex code translates to black.

Text Color

You could even use shorthand with that hex value and write it as with the same results. Like we mentioned above, hex values work well when you need a color that isn't simply black or white. The above CSS hex value would set the paragraphs to a blue color, but unlike the keyword "blue", this hex code gives you the ability to set a very specific shade of blue, a mid-range, slate-like blue in this case.

Hex works by setting the RGB red, green, blue values of a color separately with base-sixteen values. That's why they contain the letters A through F in addition to the digits 0 through 9.

Each color, red, green, and blue, receives its own two-digit value. The colors are listed in RGB order in a hex, so the first two digits represent the red value and so on.

If you want to bulletproof your color values, mimic the above CSS code. This syntax sets the hex code first and then overwrites that value with the RGBA number. This means that any older browser that does not support RGBA will get the first value and ignore the second. You can, for example, change all your link colors. The example above would make your links bright green. This works with multiple elements at once too.

You can set every title level at once. That would set all of your title elements to a midnight blue color.The color CSS property sets the foreground color value of an element's text and text decorationsand sets the currentcolor value. Note that the value must be a uniform color. It is important to ensure that the contrast ratio between the color of the text and the background the text is placed over is high enough that people experiencing low vision conditions will be able to read the content of the page.

Color contrast ratio is determined by comparing the luminosity of the text and background color values. Large text is defined as It is often used to define a size as relative to an element's parent object. Numerous properties can use percentages, such as width, height, margin, padding, and font-size.

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The newsletter is offered in English only at the moment. Sign up now. Sign in with Github Sign in with Google. It also applies to ::first-letter and ::first-line. If the value is translucent, the computed value will be the rgba corresponding one. If it isn't, it will be the rgb corresponding one.

The transparent keyword maps to rgba 0,0,0,0. Note that interpolation of colors happens in the alpha-premultiplied sRGBA color space to prevent unexpected grey colors to appear. Adds commaless syntaxes for the rgbrgbahsland hsla functions. Allows alpha values in rgb and hslturning rgba and hsla into deprecated aliases for them. Adds color keyword rebeccapurple.

Adds 4- and 8-digit hex color values, where the last digit s represents the alpha value. Adds hwbdevice-cmykand color functions. Deprecates system-colors. Adds SVG colors.Font colors are set using the CSS color property.

css text color

All the other font related properties begin with the word font. This is the exception. Color expressions for color work the same as for HTML color attributes. You can either give the name of a color, a red-green-blue expression—often called a hex color code—or a hue color saturation HSL value.

For example, this code creates a class called preppy where the fonts are hot pink: FF A closely-related CSS attribute is font-style. The font-style property indicates if the font should be italic, oblique, or normal.

Only italic and normal are well supported by most browsers and fonts. As early as solutions were being developed. You are probably familiar with italic, which means that the font is slanted and possibly curled. Italic adds a little emphasis to the lettering. Normal means that the letters stand straight up and down. Oblique means that the letters are slanted.

There is some confusion about the difference between oblique and italic. The problem is that in traditional typesetting terminology, oblique means to take a standard font and slant it, while italic is its own type of slanted curly font.

How to Change Website Font Colors With CSS

Not all fonts offer an oblique typeface. For more information on styling text, see our tutorials on fonts and typography and CSS. Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. Learn more. Browser support for this attribute is limited and using it may produce unexpected results.

Instead, use the CSS color property. Adam is a technical writer who specializes in developer documentation and tutorials. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Control the opacity of an element's text color using the. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

For example, use md:text-green to apply the text-green utility at only medium screen sizes and above. For more information about Tailwind's responsive design features, check out the Responsive Design documentation.

To control the text color of an element on hover, add the hover: prefix to any existing text color utility. For example, use hover:text-blue to apply the text-blue utility on hover. To control the text color of an element on focus, add the focus: prefix to any existing text color utility. For example, use focus:text-blue to apply the text-blue utility on focus.

By default Tailwind makes the entire default color palette available as text colors. You can customize your color palette by editing theme. You can control which variants are generated for the text color utilities by modifying the textColor property in the variants section of your tailwind. If you don't plan to use the text color utilities in your project, you can disable them entirely by setting the textColor property to false in the corePlugins section of your config file:.

Tailwind UI is now in early access! Now in early access! Tailwind CSS Version v1. GitHub Twitter Discord. Base Styles Preflight. Spacing Padding Margin Space Between. Tables Border Collapse Table Layout. Effects Box Shadow Opacity. Accessibility Screen Readers.Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is all about how a developer wants to put forth his page for the users. One must know what will appeal to the end-user for using the appropriate styling.

CSS Font Color

One of the core foundations of styling a page is deciding on the color scheme. The color scheme should be chosen very carefully. Who the end audience is, should be the priority consideration.

Choosing a text-color falls in the same scheme. The text has many properties that can be decided through CSS, color is one such. However, while deciding the color of the font, we must select the background color which is apt to go with it.

What is the use of having a pastel font against a white background?. It will be strenuous for the user, and highly likely for them to leave the page. The color of the text can be set by using the color property. This can be declared for an HTML element, for id, and for a class.

It will be a good idea to set the background color along. The syntax for text color is as follows:. While color name offers only a handful of options, the latter two parameters, i. Hex Value and RGB Value offers a wider range of option where one can select from a wide range of hues and shades of the color. These values can be looked upon on the internet and used for styling the respective elements.

The global values for this property are initial and inherit. While initial sets the color of the text to its default color, inherit does the bit of setting the color of the text as that set in the parent element. The above three examples explained how to set a color for the text along and co-ordinating it with background and border colors.

Like always, there is always room for any further experiments with other combinations of properties. Please note, that the selection of the color of text should be such that it is soothing for the users.

It should be flashy when needed and subtle otherwise. Here we discuss the Introduction and Text-Color Syntax and Uses along with different examples and its code implementation. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Forgot Password? Call Our Course Advisors. CSS Font Color. Popular Course in this category. Course Price View Course. Free Software Development Course.Cascading Style Sheets CSS is the preferred method of changing text color, so first we will show the archival method of changing text color using inline HTML color codes, then we will move on to how to achieve the same effect using CSS.

The color codes, as I mentioned above, are technically called hex codes. The codes are not very user friendly, so you'll need a chart to tell you what code makes what color. Well, I happen to have one right here: Click to go. Again, in that position they affect everything on the page.

Something like this:. It used to be that the symbol was required, but not any more. I still use it just because I started that way. You may want to just go with the six-digit code. Also make sure to place a space between each command and be sure to enclose it in quotation marks, like so:.

But I only want to change one word's color. It's a pain in the you-know-where, but it gets the job done. It works with all H commands and text size commands. Basically, if it's text, it'll work. There isn't enough space to fully describe what CSS is capable of in this article, but we have several articles here that can get you up to speed in no time! For a great tutorial on using CSS to change color properties, check out this article by Vincent Wright.

A quick intro to CSS is in order, so let's describe it a bit. CSS is used to define different elements on your web page. These elements include text colors, link colors, page background, tables, forms--just about every aspect of the style of the web page. You would then refer to that style sheet by using a link that goes between the HEAD tags in your web page, like this:.

As you can see in the example above, you can refer to the colors using traditional color names, or hex codes as described above.

The use of CSS is vastly superior to using inline FONT tags and such, as it separates the content of your site from the style of your site, simplifying the process as you create more pages or change the style of elements.

If you are using an external style sheet, you can make the change once in the style sheet, and it will be applied to your entire site. If you choose to include the style sheet itself within the HEAD tags as shown above, then you will have to make those changes on every page on your site. CSS is such a useful tool in your web developer arsenal, you should definitely take the time to read more about it in our CSS Tutorials section.

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